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Our M'C's, DJ's & Dancers have gone through years of intensive training to master their craft and have full control of your party at all times from start to finish. Their energy, creativity, and individuality help ensure you get a party full of wonderful memories.

Click on a box to see a short video of each Master of Ceremony shine as they showcase their individual talent and unique style.

"DJ Dan" Teplinsky

David Lovejoy

Daniel Goodman

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Dan Teplinsky, Also known as DJ Dan, is going Into his 23rd year as a Professional Disc Jockey. His unique ability to excite an audience, young and old, makes him a special commodity among Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Corporate, And Birthday Parties. He is also known to have a few tricks up his sleeve having performed and worked as a professional magician since the age of 13. DJ Dan founded The Party Zone Entertainment in 1995 and has owned and operated it ever since. He enjoys stand-up and improvisational comedy as well as traveling with his family. He has a loving wife and three beautiful Daughters.

Daniel Goodman is 24 years old, A native if Los Angeles and has been with the company for 7 years now. Daniel has the unique distinction of being the only performer in the companies history to work his way up through the ranks of Dancer, D.J. then finally M.C. after having used us to be the Entertainment for his very own Bar-Mitzvah when he was 13. His energy and determination is boundless which translates to all the kids at every event he coordinates. Families for years have been singing his praises and thanking me for recommending him For Their Event. You will do the same.

David Lovejoy has been with the company since the beginning In 1995 and is a one-of-kind MC & DJ personality. He is an accomplished dancer specializing in the art of break-dancing. David has spent years Perfecting his unique talents in the art of improvisation at the famed L.A. Connection in sherman oaks. He also started the Flip Side Comedy Players, A sketch comedy troupe in studio city, where he further perfected his specialty of involving an audience. He also has a love of baseball and has coached a kids baseball league for many years. He has a loving wife and three amazing kids.

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